The Oldest Dancehall in Texas

I had to stop and get a photo next to this wall. Dolly Parton, one of my favorites. She is so beautifully put together for the stage. As a female performer I do agree with her philosophy of style: you’ve got to put some effort into it and create something to behold with yourself – inside and out.

Above me is a picture of a young 1969 Willie Nelson.  It’s been fun reading his autobiography this trip and seeing an early venue of his. 

I danced with Marsh and learned the 2 step “right-quick”. He lead so well, I had no choice but to be amazing at it by the end of the night. He told me to make sure I don’t fall in love with him because he is an incredible dancer. He asked me if I was single and if I lived in Austin. I said I lived in Washington State near Seattle. He replied, 

” Where the hell is that?!”

Here I am with Dale Watson. When I met him I could tell he was a real artist. His demeanor had this sadness and sensitivity that I immediately recognized. As a singer, I appreciated  his use of the mic, and am going to steal a few things from this blue eyed outlaw.

Ameripolitan is a genre of contemporary original music encompassing four promineint subcategories: Western swinghonky-tonkrockabilly and outlaw. Championed by Austin-based singer Dale Watson, the ameripolitan genre was established for contemporary artists upholding traditional roots-influenced musical formats to distinguish themselves from the formats produced by the mainstream country pop music industry