Fridays from 9:00-10:00 a.m. $18

A Barre workout for the rest of us: This mature body workout will help improve posture, strength and muscular alignment with ballet fundamentals.  Silver Fox Barre is a flowing class which covers the basics of dance conditioning as it applies to foot strength, upper back extension, core engagement and gluteal activation. Class culminates in simple combinations at the barre to music, and ends with heat therapy and savasana. Leave feeling activated and balanced.
Bring a mat, wear socks or bare feet. Tea is provided.
Rachael Maddalena is an artist and principal instructor at the Pilates Loft.

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Fall Schedule: Nov-Dec

January Schedule

Supplies listed below are available on etsy at:

Dry Body Brush Set – $17

Dry body brushing is a century-old purification technique still popular in many cultures today. In Korea, the symbolism of a snake shedding it’s skin is one of the motivations for the country’s thriving spa culture. Men and women routinely visit spas to “shed their outer layer” and detoxify the system.

This kit includes a set of two, 100% Boar’s Bristle Brushes. (5″ x 3″) Why did I include two? Because it’s easier with two brushes: one brush on each hand, to cover the entire body with sweeping swirling strokes. When a healthy practice can be more time efficient and have a kinetic flow – we are more likely to stick with it as a daily routine.

Benefits of a dry body brushing practice:
Reduce inflammation
Remove dead skin cells
Soften skin
Increases skin cell renewal
Stirs away cellulite*
Stimulate circulation
Promotes good health and immunity by aiding in lymphatic drainage

* Body brushing has been suggested by many publications as a remedy for reducing cellulite.
(One of my favorites is Howard Murad M.D. 2005, The Cellulite Solution) Be open to researching complimentary habits and aware of predispositions. Use with discretion and of course, consult your doctor before use.

This kit includes directions for use, and a cute mini bag.

Foot Therapy Kit – $16

Material:  latex free stretch b
Kit includes:
1 yard of latex free stretch band
Upcycled golf ball
Rubber Pinky Ball
Toe Tie

Classic Hot Water Bottle – $35.10

This classic hot water bottle is made out of natural rubber. The case is quilted cotton, and provides the perfect barrier to rest against the skin.
Try this hot water bottle resting behind your neck to unwind your body at the end of the day. Try this hot water bottle on your abdomen during your menstrual cycle to soothe cramps and digestive discomfort. Place it in your bed on a cold night to preheat your bed, or keep your feet warm. This hot water bottle is the sweetest little friend in the world. Stay cozy my friends!