New Years Eve! 

Willie Nelson came out on the stage a few moments before midnight and did the official count down. Then at the begining of his first song the big Texas flag dropped down behind him in one even drop. It was quite a scene.

Here you can see his son, Luke behind him ( one of 7 children) another one of his sons on the bongos and purcussion.

A closer look at Willie. The theater was on a street named after him – however ol’ Willie lives in Hawaii. His black t-shirt featured a subtle silhouette of the Hawaiian Islands. I have a feeling Hawaii is kinder to his certain taste in self care remedies 

A girl we came with, well a woman (actually a 65 year old woman) made a snarky remark about my dress. I thought my dress looked great. I dressed in the spirit of Dolly Parton: “…a small town girl’s idea of beauty”. 

Jeeze it’s like I have to teach these Texan women about country music! Lol.

I learned 2 great life lesson to start off 2017:

#1 Don’t let negative people kill your buzz with their bullying  comments. You have the right to stand up for yourself against bullies.

#2 Write about what you know. Willie Nelson wrote about what he knew. He made simple heartfelt songs that told one little story – nothing more.

..And that’s precisely what I like about country music. It’s simple, it tells a little story that doesn’t try to take on the world’s problems all in one bite. Only one problem at a time, one little love story at a time, one little woman at a time, one little little hearbreak one little car problem at a time. And in doing so becomes incredibly personable and incredibly universal.