Le Grande Purge

I’ve always thought our traditional habit of acquiring in December and purging in January to be a little confusing – nay, a little psychotic.

We buy buy buy, eat eat eat, then go into this weird energetic remorse.

Dieting and giving away objects. This year, I’m right there with everyone else. Turning over the perverbrial leaf. Although, to be fair, I did jog everyday through Christmas break – but only because I heard Matthew McConaughey lived in the neighborhood in which I was staying.

This is the book I love to read this time of year. I’ve been living small – meaning small space and few superfluous objects. Books are my weak spot. I read them and keep them around like memories. In my small space, they take over my bed, and I mean inside my bed some weeks, they are stacked on stackes of stacks. They are on my fridge, where my shoes should be upon entering my space and near the tub…too much..they need to go. My books need to move along now and get on out of here..