Downtown Austin.. on my Own

I left my friend’s house at the country club complex a little early and came downtown. To be perfectly honest, I had my feelings hurt pretty badly. One of their judgy snooty friends said a few rude things to me the night before, and instead of standing up for me, or pulling me aside and saying “oy sorry about my friend, she’s a handfull etc” they just went along with the bad behavior…even laughed at me a little themselves. They thought they were “keeping the peace” by allowing the bad behavior of their friend to continue- and I thought it was well, just wrong. I had my feelers hurt, felt a bit humiliated so I jumped in an Uber to downtown. 

After pouring my guts out to a very sweet Eastern Indian Uber driver, who assured me that “those actions of my friends were not the true pathway to happiness”.. (thank you Asad) 

I checked into a hotel, took a walk, lost myself in a sketch book drawing and also found a yoga studio. By 12:00 today I was feeling right as rain. Delighted by the city of downtown Austin at every turn. Great conversations and easy warm breeze.

Wanderlust is the name of the yoga studio I discovered. It was next to a church I was headed towards for fellowship, but my cellphone still was on Seattle time, and I missed the service.  I found  Wanderlust and came back to take a class. The teacher’s name was Jerrie. He played country music through the speakers and chanted “outch..” instead of “ommm” funny and a damn good instructor. I will be taking a bit of his concepts, cues and imagery back to my studio in Bellingham. What a  Lil’ Sweetheart. 

Check out the driftwood light fixtures! 

The attention to detail in this space was spot on. 

Anticipating the needs of the clients, and doing so with a bit of charm and creativity. A+ (notice the towel receptacle is lined with vintage yoga book pages)

The warmth in  comunicating the rules sets the tone for a positive experience. 

Amen sister.