Andy Warhol’s Early Illustrations Exhibit 

I went to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Blanton museum in Austin, TX.

I was very inspired by his collection of early work. The drawings are so sweet and free. I love the way the line drawing jestures give me a feeling of the freedom of childhood. 

He even had created an adult coloring book, and held adult coloring parties.

I love this spirited celebration of taking a crayon to paper. 

This poem about being smart is especially joyous.

Being smart

Could make you depressed


If you weren’t smart

About what you were smart about

It’s viewpoint

That’s important

 Dolly Parton commissioned this portrait for her manager, and he didnt appreciate the artwork at the time. This was one of my favorites. I love Dolly Parton- I thought it was cool that she chose Warhol to recreate her likeness.