It has been an amazing few weeks for me at my Pilates studio in little ol’ B’ham. I’ve been researching working on programs to bring my clients out of a locked out joint, into a more supported neutral space. As Pilates Instructors we say ” don’t lock out your knees and etc about 100 x a day, but actually finding techniques that will stick with the client while walking and standing is another story. 

The solution came to me when I was at the rock climbing gym. In climbing they teach you to lock out your arms when you’d like to rest. You’re hanging from an orange porous rock forearms and shoulders burning..and within that dynamic position the only rest in sight is a locked out joint. Because the muscles don’t flex when the joints are locked –  voila!  Make the Pilates clients hyper aware of a resting muscle atop a locked joint by sustaining a stress position. 

However, I do not want to loose all of my clientele over  this point, so I decided instead of forcing them to hang from a wall, I’d just have them balance on two balls; one under each foot. 

More to come.. 

I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I’d like but, I am so thankful for the new experiences, people and places that have been keeping me busy.