Bike ride in Austin

Today, on my last day in the city, I took another yoga class and also rented one of the city bikes.

The bikes are provided by the city of Austin. $8 for fist 1/2 hour and $4 an hour after. I downloaded a promo code and got 1/2 off. It made for a very pleasant way to explorethe city.

I rode down 6th street and had a bite at Sandra Bullock’s restaurant called, Walton’s. Delightful!

People watching is my favorite thing.

This cowboy was taking a break from being a bad ass in snake skin boots. He was sitting there as I snapped this photo. He turned around and caught me in the act. He said,

 ” You takin my picture darlin?”

I said, “yea, I am. I like your boots, is that o.k.?”

He replied, ” you know whaaat, if you want to get a real good picture, point that camera in the mirror and get a picture of that smile! My momma said you can tell if someone’s got a good heart from their smile.”

“Awwe thank you”-I say

“God Bless you” – he says.

I went on my way. This is just normal stranger to stranger banter.. 

So lighthearted.